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Simply Referral Programme

What’s the story?

You like what Simply does. You refer a friend to Simply. Your friend gets a discount. You get cash – for yourself or a charity of your choice. It’s a win-win!

How does it work?

1. Get your link

You get a personal Simply referral link you can share with friends interested in buying life, disability or funeral cover – for themselves or their employees.

2. Share your link

You share the link and some info about Simply via sms, email, whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter.

3. Your friend buys Simply cover

If your friend buys a policy, they get a 5% referral discount thanks to you.

4. Get paid

When your friend pays their first premium, we will pay you – or a charity of your choice – a fee equal to the first month’s premium.

What info can I share about Simply?

You can either write your own post about why you like the Simply products, or you can click on the share buttons on your Simply Referrals page and use the info we’ve prepared for you. You will always see our content before sharing.

Can I also refer businesses or other organisations?

Absolutely. Business premiums are generally higher than individual premiums, so you stand to earn bigger fees – for you or your charity.

What if I’d prefer to give my fee to charity?

You can do good twice – give your friend a discount and cash to charity.
Choose one of the following charities and we’ll pay your fee to them instead.
We’ll message you when we make payment.

Be a mate – sign up as a Simply referrer and start referring now.

The underwriter of this policy is Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) a registered long-term insurer.

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