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Taking care of our families is what gives our lives purpose. What would happen to them if tragedy struck and you were no longer around to take care of them? Or if you become disabled, and can no longer provide for them, and they have to take care of you?

Simply Family

Simply Family provides you with great value protection for your family. You can sign up through a quick and easy online process and get a 10% discount, or get us to call you. You just need to answer a few simple health questions - no blood tests required.

To qualify for this product, you must have an SA ID Number

Our family package includes the following benefits:


The amount of cover you select (up to the maximum of R1,500,000) will be paid as a lump sum to your beneficiaries when you die. They will also receive an additional R500 cash per month for 6 months to help cover the cost of groceries.


The amount of cover you select (up to the maximum of R1,500,000) will be paid to you as a lump sum if you become severely and permanently disabled. Disability here can mean the loss of a body part, or the loss of use of a body part. Click here to get a detailed list of what is covered.


The amount of cover you select (up to the maximum of R50,000) will be paid if you or any of your family members covered under the policy die. You can cover yourself, your spouse, and up to five children. You can also add new children later (up to the maximum of 5).

The benefit will be paid out within 24 hours of receiving all the claim information we need. The policy does not terminate on the death of your spouse or children. If you die, your spouse and children will continue to be covered for a further 6 months at no cost.

Benefits sold after 25/06/2017 also include a body repatriation service, which covers the cost of transporting the deceased’s body to the place of burial (within South Africa only), and provides other funeral support services (up to a limit of R15,000 in value per policy per year). None of these services can be exchanged for cash. For existing customers, please check your policy document to see if you have this additional service.

Only family members who are resident in South Africa can be covered under our Family Funeral Plan, and children are only covered until they turn 21.

You can choose one of our pre-selected packages which combine all 3 of these benefits, or you can customise, by removing one or more benefit and/or adjusting the cover to exactly suit your needs.

Accidental-only Variant

If you do not qualify for the standard version of this product, you can choose to take out an accidental only variant of the product. In that case, you and your family will only be covered for death or disability as a result of an accident that occurs after the policy is issued. So natural causes (i.e. illness) will not be covered.

Cash Back Variant

If you choose the Simply Cash Back option, you will pay an additional premium. In exchange for this additional premium, every 5 years you will receive 50% of the total premiums you have paid over the last 5 years as a lump sum benefit (as long as you have paid all your premiums and there has not been a claim during the period).

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