You can now buy life insurance online!

Iemas is excited to bring you great online life insurance products from Simply, a leader in the digital life insurance space in SA. With Simply and Iemas you can now purchase great value life, disability and funeral insurance online in a matter of minutes, with no paperwork, blood tests or complicated medicals.

Why should you buy life insurance?

Taking care of your family, adds purpose to your life. What would happen if unforeseen circumstances takes you away from them or if you become disabled? This could mean that you would no longer be able to provide for them

Why Simply?

We picked Simply because the products they provide are smart, simple and safe. Simply uses data and technology to give you cover that suits your needs and pocket. Products they provide include life, disability and funeral cover in one easy policy and are underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, a long-term insurer in the Old Mutual Group. So, you can rest assured that claims will be paid.

What's the deal?
  • done Up to R2m life cover
  • done Up to R2m capital disability cover
  • done Up to R50k funeral cover for you, your spouse and your kids
  • done No blood tests, no medicals
  • done Instant cover
  • done Policies starting from R89/month

Iemas Insurance Brokers is a registered FSP (47563)

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I want to cover…

Get a quote — I want to cover...

I'm a year old
  • man
  • woman

  • smokes
  • doesn't smoke

and is
  • married
  • not married

I earn R per month before tax.

My highest level of education is
  • no matric
  • matric
  • 3 year diploma

  • 3 year degree
  • 4 year+ degree

  • don't
  • do
have a valid
South African ID number.

I employ a domestic worker
who is a year old
  • man
  • woman

  • smokes
  • doesn't smoke

  • haven't
  • have
worked at least
3 days per month for me for the last 6 months.

My domestic worker is
  • South African
  • a legal foreigner
  • neither

I would like to cover employees.

They are
  • mostly male
  • mostly female
  • even split

and largely based in

On average they are years old
and earn R per month before tax.

  • are
  • are not
primarily in:
aviation, mining, blasting, commercial diving, explosives, fishing, heavy construction, oil/gas production, performance arts, professional sports or security.