Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday - Buy the things that matter, for you and your employees

Even the school kids are talking about Black Friday. “My mom says that she will buy me the latest Play Station on Black Friday” they say. So, what’s all the fuss about? Following American traditions (as we’ve also done with Halloween) South Africa’s appetite for “Black Friday specials” has grown into a consumerist craze in the last couple of years. Last year, some stores that opened at midnight had crowds stampeding to get the best deals ( link). For those of us who don’t want to stand in queues at midnight, online shopping is the answer.

Do you really need it?

Black Friday feeds our desire for instant gratification. Especially because there are such good deals on offer. So, we end up putting the immediate wants of today before the long-terms needs of the future – for ourselves, our children, and our employees. By enticing us with discounts and creating a Black Friday hype we are bamboozled into believing that getting the item we’re eyeing will make us happier, more accepted; and more loved by our children. One of the biggest pressures on parents can be the consumer demands of their children, but succumbing to their demands doesn’t make us better parents, or make them love us any more.

Have you ever cleared out a room or moved to a new house? You quickly realise that those things you once thought “I simply MUST have!” eventually just turn into stuff. Stuff that needs to be given away, taken to the dump, and ultimately end up clogging up our oceans with plastic and rubbish.

Tips for coping with Black Friday pressure

So, what can we do to cope with Black Friday pressure? Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler has shared some things to consider before going on a spending spree. ( link )

  • do your homework to ensure that the ‘bargain’ is genuine
  • create a budget and only spend within your means
  • find out from the store what the return policy is for non-defective items
  • always keep all your receipts and proof of purchase , for an exchange or refund

Also, think about the longer term impact of your purchase – not just for you, but for anyone who depends on your salary and your decisions – your children, your employees? As Knowler says “Ask yourself as you prepare to click - how long will that buzz last? How mad about that product will you be in three, four months when you’re still paying it off on your credit card? Is it a necessity?”

Remember that our children know that we are our prioritizing their well-being – not because of how many presents we buy, or don’t buy for them, but because we take care of their most important needs for now and the future.

Consider your employees

For many South African families, nannies, housekeepers and au pairs play a critical role in assisting us raise well-balanced children. These unsung heroes playing a pivotal role in our families and in society at large. Looking after their future is easy with Simply, where you can get a quote in 10 seconds and buy life and funeral cover for them in just 5 minutes online.

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